Sunday, October 16, 2011

"You are comin' home, Leo."

Two nights ago, Allison and I journeyed up to Salt Lake City to see this beautiful musical.

Mind officially blown.

Parade ripped my heart out. Specifically, the actors that played Leo and Lucille Frank ripped my heart out. They were astounding. And they're only students! AH. I can't believe how much talent exists in the world. They were so good! I felt like I was a part of it, not just an audience member. I feared, hurt, and cried (a lot) with them. (Okay, so I probably cried way more than any of the actors.) This is easily the most moving musical I've ever seen. Jason Robert Brown, you have done it again.

Also. Remember how I said the actor who played Leo was SO talented? Turns out he's also cute, charming, funny, kinda goofy. Yeah guess who got his number? This girl ;)

Shoot. Why am I not a vocal performance major anymore? Well, I know why. But I miss it so so much. I sang in church today and afterward a girl asked me if I am a voice major, which makes the third person to ask me that this weekend. I need to start auditioning for things, maybe that would fill the void...

Anyway. Last night, 3 of my roommates and I got lost in (and then found our way out of) a corn maze!

"It smells like a campfire, and Fall, and happiness." - Taylor Teeples

(I think I'll marry the first man to make me a grilled cheese. Mm mmm.)

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