Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No man will ever love you unless your eyes look like they're outlined in Sharpie.

Cake face (noun): One who wears so much make up that when she hugs someone else, part of her face is left on the other person's shirt. A cake face covers her face because she thinks she is too ugly to show her normal face.
^ This terminology was brought to my attention by the insightful and dashing boys of apartment 89. Over the past 5 days, those boys have been the fountain from which our entertainment flows! Hahaha. They're just great.

Last night was great and today was stupid. (There must be opposition in all things...) Last night I hiked the Y! First. Time. Ever. I am such a wimp. I forced them to stop at almost every switchback because I am a lazy, out of shape person. (The real reason was that on the first switchback, instead of going sideways up the mountain like a normal person, I decided to climb straight up the 160 degree or whatever incline. It wore the heck out of me. I'm just happy I didn't fall down and die... It was a likely possibility.)
Mitchell (our 7th roommate; he is always at our apartment because he loves my roommate Natalie :)) introduced a crazy concept to me: hang upside down from the top of the Y. Oh, okay Mitch!
I promise you it was way steeper than it looks. It was terrifying getting into that position, but as soon as my head was all the way back I was just awestruck at how beautiful Provo looks upside down! It is amazing. Anyone who lives in Provo, you have to try this. :)

Yeah, so today didn't go very well, but it was made better by some very generous people in my life. For example, my friend James bought me ice cream! Mitchell started teaching me how to drive stick! And Taylor saved some waffles for me. (It's Waffle Wednesday, babay.) My roommates are sooo wonderful; we have so much fun. I love them SO MUCH. I just feel lame whenever I'm not with them and I can't wait to get home to spend time with them! Aaaaaah.
Left to right: Natalie, Taylor, Bronwyn, Sadie, Jennie, Allison
This is actually the only picture I have of almost all of us (Mitch wasn't there). It was the day after BYU got slaughtered by the U (something I witnessed firsthand and will never fully recover from). We all wore black to church in mourning. Sad, sad day (despite how happy we look in the picture). But seriously, can I accurately express how much I love them?! The answer is that I cannot. Le sigh. Hopefully you understand what I'm tryin' to say. I lucked out.


  1. So glad you're having fun, even if it is mixed with occasional suckiness.

  2. good thing your awesome roommate made you come out for pictures, huh? :)

  3. I love you. I love your blog. that is all that needs to be said. and I really really hope your title is a haley g. hoover quote!!!