Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not to be sappy, or anything. I hate being sappy.

I have two best friends.

I miss Natalie more than anyone. I only met her last year, but I know that one of the main reasons I was meant to go to Hawaii was to meet this girl. (Don't call her girly, though.) There was kind of a Nor Cal vs. So Cal battle between us. It lasted for the longest time, but I gave up. I'm not even ashamed to say she won, because after spending a day at her house over Winter break and a week at her house during the Summer, I can proudly say that Nor Cal may indeed be better than So Cal. I'm sorry, I have betrayed you all. Also... I sometimes say "hecka" now. I understand if you never want to speak to me again. But she's worth it! I've always loved beat up trucks and camping and horseback riding, but she's made me realize how much of a country girl I really want to be. Seriously. See how cute I look in that flannel?! It's perfect!

Years ago, my mom, went to BYU. Yeah! She was on the ballroom dance team. She became friends with this awesome girl named Maylene Burns. Well, my mom eventually married my dad, and Maylene eventually married this guy named Eric White. (Sorry this is so vague; I don't actually know all the details. I wasn't there.) So they were married friends. How precious. Long story short, after college they stayed really good friends. Eric and Maylene had four kids, my parents had five. About once a year, our families go to Disneyland together.
I don't know why I'm being so formal about this story. Basically, I want to thank whoever that these two couples met and were friends -- if it weren't for them... Well, I don't want to think about my life without this family. The White's second son, Matt, is 19 days older than me. (He never lets me forget this.) He kissed my older sister once. (I never let him forget this.)

He is the best person I know.



  2. apparantly i need to read your blog more.... i love you. :) you da you da you da. best i eva had.