Monday, October 3, 2011

A lunch break interrupts a whole work day.

Titled with love by my charming roommate, Allison.

So, I guess I should warn you. I'm a spaz when I write, (and I guess all the times I'm not writing, too) and I promise right now that this is not going to have any kind of organization so don't even try to make sense of things.

Things about Utah that I'm surprised are different from the stereotype I imagined inside my head:
1. I haven't come across a single person that owns horses! Where are all the cowboys? All I want is for a strapping young man to literally sweep me off my feet onto his horse and ride off into the sunset together. Is that too much to ask?


HA. All cynicism aside though, it's not that bad. The only thing that really bugs me is that the rain is freezing and people don't look at each other. Yeah, I found out the hard way that Utah rain is very unlike the wonderful, warm rain storms of Hawai'i. It's cold. Just like my heart. I cannot count the amount of times daily that I look at someone, smile, wave, or say hi, and he looks away. It's gotten to the point that when someone looks away, I just have to laugh because it is so ridiculous. Then I'm walking to class, seemingly laughing at nothing, and getting weird looks from the people I'm about to say hi to. So when I say hi, it's even weirder, which makes me laugh even harder! "It's a vicious chocolate and vanilla swirl."
"Is that gonna be on the test? I hate geology."
"That's geometry, and this is history."
Sorry about that little tangent. (Please tell me someone got the reference. Wait, what someone? Nobody reads this, Bronwyn. Unless Sadie does. Or my mom. All right this is a really long parenthetical... How awkward.) Hey, that's geometry too! Whaaat. I need to go to sleep. I JUST WANT TO GO CAMPING YOU GUYS I WANT TO GO CAMPING SO SO BAD.

Kay bye.


  1. "...Always act like you're wearing an invisible crown..." ( not in an arrogant way, no, but in a positive, self~confident, " i~know~I~have~so~much~to~offer~the~world" kind of way.

    So, I'm betting I wasn't one of the first you'd thought would respond to your blog and I hope you're not TOO disappointed. :/
    I just felt compelled to respond because after reading your heartfelt, eloquent words I wanted you to know that if one is lucky to live long enough, we will all, at some point or another, feel those feelings you described. It may not be on a college campus but it will be SOMEWHERE and no one is immune.
    Hang in there beautiful, talented girl. And never stop looking people directly in their eyes. NEVER. Really. One day, when you least expect it, someone wonderful and worthy and interesting will do the same.

    Miss you.
    Leslie xoxoxo

  2. I have officially added this to my blogreader list, so if you're not going to let me stalk you on FB, you have to update this. See? Stalking already. It's weird to hear that those snobby Provo BYU-ites are avoiding eye contact. It used to be that you'd come home to California and people here would think you strange for making eye contact and waving after all that time in Provo. I agree with Leslie -- your cowboy may not be riding a horse (I think campus police frowns on that -- who's going to clean up after them?), but he'll be the one making eye contact.