Thursday, December 29, 2011

"I'm disappointed with the geek section on Pinterest."

"There's a sexy picture of Catwoman. What, it's geeky because it's from Batman? Come on. Oh, and here are some shoes that look like cats. Those aren't geeky, they're weird. Every once in a while a LEGO person comes up. This is pathetic."

Don't hate me for posting this picture.

She hates nail polish and shopping. Instead of a cell phone, she carries her DS with her everywhere. She loves stories about dragons and mages and lots of words that I don't know the exact meaning of, but usually have something to do with fantasy and magic. She geeks out over Age of Empires with me - loves it almost as much as I do. She knows every Legend of Zelda song on piano. I promise she will beat you in Mario Kart, and you can bet that she created a cast for The Hunger Games before it came out. And she already picked out every flaw in the actual cast.

Together, Tierney and Colin make up this power geek force to be freakin' reckoned with. The more I spend time with them over break, the more I realize I have no idea what they are talking about 80% of the time. They are kind enough to fill me in on some stuff, most of it is just way beyond my level of understanding. But I was thinking about it, and I'm glad my siblings aren't "cool." First of all, if they were, they wouldn't want to hang out with me, because I am definitely not "cool." And second of all, they just wouldn't be as interesting. I am never bored when I am with these guys.

THEY'RE JUST SO FUNNY. Writing about them is doing them no justice because you have to be around my family and firsthand experience their awesomeness. No, they're beyawesomeness! You're never going to understand... aaah. They're so funny. What the heck. "Oh good for you, now you're gonna have probably get a bellyache. That's why you shouldn't eat so much candy."

Oh, and you should know, that my 9-year-old sister Fiona is just as much a champion at video games as they are.

While driving up to my grandparents' house, the kids of the family reenacted Les Miserables. I was Fantine, Tierney was Cosette, Fiona was young Cosette, Claire was Eponine, and Colin and Eric were every male part.

My family quotes Megamind and Fantastic Mr. Fox more than anything. Actually, we probably just quote everything. When someone says something funny, everyone questions its originality. I can be funny too, people. Just give me a chance!

Aw, presh. Make your own assumptions about why the heart is there.
La la la, break should never end!

Friday, December 16, 2011

"I feel like I... learned something..."

Yesterday, I did everything in my power to avoid studying for finals.
Don't believe me? I...
- did 2 loads of laundry
- started packing for home
- organized my wardrobe into multiple groups:
1. Things I'm giving to Tierney
2. Things I'm giving to D.I.
3. Things I want but don't need because Utah is freezing
4. Things I need but don't want because Utah is freezing
5. Things to fold and put back in my drawers
- went to an Anberlin concert with Jennie!
- cut up an old t-shirt and made a headband
- cleaned the kitchen
- bought and listened to Mat Kearney's album, Young Love
- organized my jewelry, getting rid of everything I don't love
- ate. A lot.

The list goes on. One might wonder how I got to such a deep level of not caring. I have pinpointed four main reasons for the demise of my motivation.
I realized that even if I failed my Humanities final, I would still end up with an A in the class.
I realized that even if I failed my History final, I would still end up with a C in the class.
I realized that the amount I studied for my previous History tests was inversely proportional to how well I did on the test.
I am so over this semester. You don't even know. (This reason is kind of a cop out. Sorry about that.)

But none of this even matters any more because I AM DONNNNNEEEE!
And despite the amount of attention I did not pay in History, despite the many times I ditched Humanities, I do feel like I learned something.
Now if only I could figure out what that is exactly...

I'll be home tomorrow!
I can't wait to see these beautiful people:

Lovelovelovelovelove them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How many blogs have you blogged?

I've been thinking a lot ever since I started my blog about how inconsistent of a blogger I am. How infrequent I am. How lame I am. How I have to practically force myself to try, Bronwyn, try and write something interesting today, but whenever something interesting happens, I a) forget about it, or b) have no desire to blog about it. With all these thoughts running around and bumpin' into each other in my brain, but never forming themselves into coherent, substantial ideas or answers to my problem, I somehow reached a conclusion: I hate blogging.
What? Let me try again.
I somehow reached a conclusion: I hate writing in general.
Not even close to true.
I somehow reached a conclusion: I hate writing about myself, therefore I hate blogging.
Aye, there's the rub.

So this is a problem for me. I love writing. I actually would love to be a writer or an editor (or a high school English teacher, but... that's kinda on the DL. I don't know yet). However, I've got a long way to go before I'm good enough to be any of those things. And I'm not just referring to the fact that I still have at least 3 years left of undergrad work, I mean my writing skills are subpar. I need to practice. But what better way to practice writing than to write about seemingly mundane things an in interesting fashion on my blog? Yep. Time to pull up my bootstraps and do this thing. You may now expect... Actually, I'm not gonna make any promises. Just know that I will be making a conscious effort to blog more and blog better.


P.S. Also, this:

Monday, December 5, 2011


-where am I going to be in approximately 4 1/2 months? (Why does that feel like such a long time?)


I got into the London Study Abroad program.



On a different note, Zooey Deschanel is my girl crush.  I kind of want to be her.

Heck yeah.

Also, I have never felt more like an LDS girl stereotype than when I showed Adam, David, and Nate my wedding board on Pinterest. -____- Remind me that if I want that board to become a reality, I need to not show boys things like that. Yuck.