Sunday, May 27, 2012

Use your eyes; the world goes and flutters by.

Do yourself a favor. Actually, do me a favor, for you. Please? Next free morning you have, find the mountain closest to you, and start up a trail. You can look up a specific hike if you'd like, but the particulars are not very important. Just walk on up there. Make sure to look around you -- don't miss the trees, the rocks, the flowers, and everything that covers the hillside and makes it complete. Take lots of breaks to take in your surroundings, because things like that can be overwhelming.

(Oh, you'll want to bring a camera with you. Not that you can capture an experience in a picture, but looking back on the pictures will help you to remember how you felt.)

Pretend you have more energy than you have. Climb a tree, pet a sheep, jump over a stream, hop across a few rocks. The more energy you give yourself, the more you'll have. (...yeah. I'm going to pretend that wasn't obvious.) Really though? Think about your body. It can walk up mountains -- just you and your body! That's incredible. Think of all things you can do.

When you get to the top, find somewhere to sit down and soak it up. Get comfortable -- you'll be there for a while. The view from anywhere high is always incredible, but being surrounded by nature is the best feeling there is. I could describe every plant, every living creature, and every single air molecule, but it wouldn't do. The thing is, up there, the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.

I hope you brought your iPod, because I fully believe that the right music can enhance any experience. And I hope you have the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack. I would recommend listening to Hoppipolla, by Sigur Ros.

(In case you're wondering, I went on four hikes this past week, all of them awe-inspiring and mind-stimulating. I have never felt more connected to nature or closer to heaven than I did on top of mountains, overlooking this beautiful earth. The pictures above are of our trek to the top of Loughrigg Fell in Ambleside, northern England. Below is from the top of Arthur's seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.)

Breathe it in and smile -- life is so much more than we deserve.


  1. Sigur Ros & English countryside? This is absolutely beautiful, both the experience and the writing.

  2. Life is so much more than we deserve. Amen sista friend. <3