Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh what a night!

I decided to take myself out on a date tonight. Got all dolled up in black pants, a black blouse, red lipstick and all -- I even wore heels! I told myself we'd meet at 7, but I had a little trouble finding the Prince Edward Theatre. With some help from a policeman and my own observation and navigation skills, I found it. I was late, but I didn't mind. I bought a ticket for a prime seat: 6th row from the front, right in the middle. So choice. So there I was, in the perfect location, with the perfect company, about to see this:

See it I did. And love it I did. There were some high society folk behind me who were cracking me up during intermission. One woman was Lucille Bluth reincarnated into a British lady, who said things like, "The best seats in the house, darling, you'll never find any better," and, "Never forget the hat, that's what I say." They were drinking wine and talking about really important things like charity functions and board meetings. One thing I loved about this experience was that I was surrounded by middle aged adults -- of course, in retrospect, it made perfect sense. This was their music! They grew up with it! I almost felt out of place, but you know me. I just jumped on in with them. People were dancing, clapping, and singing along. At the end of the show, they finished with Who Loves You, and everyone stood up and danced. Just older couples dressed in fancy clothes, and me. And I could not have asked for anything better. I was absolutely beaming the whole time.

So yesterday, someone said to me, "Bronwyn, I take it you're one of those people who likes to do things by herself." I didn't know exactly how to respond, because I've always seen myself as a people person, but I suppose I am slowly becoming more solitary. There's great value in alone time. And I think it takes courage to be alone -- it's not like one day I just decided to go to a musical on my own, I started out with smaller things. Going to the store on my own, going to get frozen yogurt on my own. And now I'm seeing musicals! I think the ultimate will be when I take myself out to dinner. I haven't done that yet. But for the record, I'm not going to become a total recluse... I still like spending time with other people, and I always will. But there's something to be said for taking time away from getting to know other people and getting to know yourself.

"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you..."

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  1. this was awesome. :) and I seriously got like nervous excited when you talked about going to dinner by yourself... what a thrill that would be!! haha (no sarcasm.. it really would be thrilling..) "But there's something to be said for taking time away from getting to know other people and getting to know yourself." I liked this a lot. <3