Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a glorious feeling.

I'm haaaaaaappy again!

So here's the story: back in March, I learned that Alex's parents were going to be in London one of the weeks that I'd be here; and better yet, they wanted to take me out to a musical! A) I love the Bennetts, so of course I was game. B) Who am I to turn down a free musical? I looked at my schedule and realized that I'd be free today, May 17th. We arranged that we'd go see Singin' in the Rain.

Today we toured the Olympic sites, which in my opinion need some fixin' up before the actual games start -- but it is what it is. Even though I left early, I still didn't get home until 5:25 -- and I was supposed to meet the Bennetts for dinner at 5:30. I rushed to get ready, power-walked to the tube, but still ended up being 20 minutes late. That was fine. We met up by the statue of Eros and I was so happy to see them! It's hard to explain the feeling of seeing a familiar face in a completely unfamiliar place. It's such a relief and comfort. We walked down the street a bit to a restaurant and sat down. I thought it was kind of strange that Allison suggested what chair I should sit in, but shook it off two seconds later. After perusing the menus and chatting a bit, someone came up behind me and clapped me on the shoulders. Startled, I looked behind and found myself face to face with none other than Alex Bennett! One second, "Oh hey." Two seconds? Recognition that he was not supposed to be there, followed by a scream. Yes, I screamed. And everyone in the restaurant went silent and stared at me. I swiftly apologized, then started laughing; with that laughter came tears. Yes, I was so happy that I cried. Alex Bennett. In London. With me. In a restaurant, eating dinner, going to see Singin' in the Rain. What a glorious, glorious feeling.

So now you know: the secret to happiness is being surprised by one of your best friends in London. That's all you need.

Singin' in the Rain is the most happy, fun, and inspiring musical I've ever seen! I couldn't stop smiling that entire time. Maybe it was just Alex there that made it four times better. I don't know.

I've got a smile on my face. Happy and head up, with a joy in my heart, because I am living a life full.


  1. "So now you know: the secret to happiness is being surprised by one of your best friends in London. That's all you need."

    well crap. hahahaha. that's so awesome!!! I'm soso happy for you :)