Friday, January 20, 2012

Grape Nuts and Backstreet Boys

For at least two years, there has always been someone living in my apartment. No mass exodus of apartment 98; it's just that great. But because no six occupants ever moved out at the same time, the apartment was never completely cleaned out, as evidenced by the various objects that with random initials that we routinely find. For example, there's an abandoned laundry detergent that says 'KH' on the lid. Every time I use it, I go through a mental checklist: JS... AH... ES... SC... NF... Nope, I'm good. So the other day, Sadie was looking through our cupboards and pulled out an almost-full box of Grape Nuts with a C on it, aka free game. YOU GUYS. You don't understand the amount of childhood that overwhelmed me when I opened those Grape Nuts, poured myself a bowl, and stuck it in the microwave. I got this weird giddy kind of excitement that makes you a little teary eyed because childhood is just so wonderful and you want it back more than anything. And yes... I microwave my Grape Nuts. I don't know how I acquired that habit, but it tastes so much better that way, I promise.

Along with my Grape Nuts (which I faithfully ate every morning, and are now all gone...), there have been a number of things this week that have reminded me of being a kid:

1. Last night at the ward indexing party (yes, that's right), Adam was playing all kinds of music from his laptop, and then he suddenly started playing the soundtrack of That Thing You Do! THAT THING YOU DO! Nothing screams childhood more than this. I cannot count the amount of times Claire and I listened to that song and danced on the couch. I love that soundtrack. Much to Adam and Jennie's disgrace, however, I have never seen the movie. I probably should. ASAP.
Update: I have seen it and it is AMAZING

2. Applesauce with cereal on top. I'm eating this. right. now. And it is delicious! Claire and I have a little tune that we would sing while we were making this tasty treat. It goes like this:
Apple sauce
with cereal
on to-o-o-o-o-o-p!
Brilliant, I know. ("That's just weak song writing. You wrote a bad song, Petey.") And since I know you all want to try this little concoction, the recipe is quite simple. Pour apple sauce in a bowl. Now pick out one of your favorite cereals and pour on top of the apple sauce. Get a spoon from your silverware drawer and devour. For best results, use Honey Bunches of Oats!

3. Backstreet Boys. The other day when Jennie, Emily, Natalie and I were getting ready for school, we had a Backstreet Boys fest. Needless to say, it was wonderful, and much needed. The most vivid Backstreet Boys memory I have is driving 9 and a half hours to Utah with my whole family, and me insisting that we listen to the same CD the whole time. Request fulfilled. Best car trip ever.

Well, that's all I can really think of that's happened this week that made me reminisce. Food and listening to music. I guess that is what my life revolves around, right? There have also been a lot of Star Wars and Disney references, but I think that's applicable to almost every person's youth. Ah, those were the days...

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