Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anxiously waiting

for the e-mail that will tell me I've been hired as an EFY counselor! I've wanted to be an EFY counselor ever since I knew what EFY was. I've had such memorable EFY experiences and I want to bring that to other people. I love hanging out with the youth. (It's weird that I don't technically fall into that category any more. I'm a young single adult. What?) It would such an honor to be able to work with them and talk with them every day and help with through things. Ah! Plus, EFY is the most fun week ever. And if I'm a counselor, I won't just be at EFY for one week, but seven. :)

In other news, why don't I live in the 50's? Singin' In the Rain is so adorable. It's always things like that that just make me want to go back to those days, when men were gentleman and women were ladies. So respectable.

This semester is not passing quickly enough. I want to be in LONDON.

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