Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sam is the only reason I've seen Princess and the Frog.
Nobody wanted to play Full Contact.
We made lists, tanned, laughed, danced. A happy day.
It was Derek's birthday so we went on an adventure.
I stole her a chapstick so she stole me these sunglasses.
I lost the shorts I was wearing in this picture.
Katy Perry's "Firework" has never been so much fun.
We dried off in the men's restroom.
One mud fight and my clothes were never the same.
I'm heavier than I look, so that was impressive.
The judgment from the woman behind me is my favorite.
I was sadder than I look that day.
The manager of the caf asked us to shower next time.
We picked these from our courtyard. Yep.
Good friends. Mitra left us that day.
The most make up I wore all year.
Hawaiian sunsets. It's no wonder I was distracted.

Sometimes it hurts that I'm not still there.

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