Monday, June 18, 2012

Say it like you mean it

Time out, hold on... I'm not in London any more. Oh. This is a really, really weird feeling. But I am so glad to be home! The last few days were wonderful, and overall, I could not have asked for a better experience. But... things like that can't last too long. I got burned out towards the end.
I might blog a bit more about my London adventures; I might not. We'll see.
While overseas, though, I kept a little list of quotes that made me laugh. Here they are, although they're never as funny written out. I just can't capture Jared's inflection.

"Teal goes with anything. It's like blue jeans." - Tiffany

"Here's the thing, you guys. You have to keep walking for it to count as a walk." - Jared

"I learned so many French words from watching Bones in French!" - PTTA

"Guys. I got more racist today." - Kristen

"I bet Keats is so interesting! His father was a boring horse-person!" - Jared


"Would you move a really big rock for your religion?" - Jared

"I'm usually like a space cadet in the mornings. ...Like, spacey." - Kelsey

"You do have a short torso!"
"Well maybe you just have long legs..." - Amanda, then Jaden (to Kennedy)

"One day I will die, my friend; but the question is, can you live up to my legacy?" - Nick Mason (to his son Sam)

I wish I'd written more down. I laughed so much in the past seven weeks -- everyone is so funny. Oh, happy.

I'm going to miss this.

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