Saturday, April 28, 2012

"You guys, this is the celestial kingdom. You've made it."

Today was SO EVENTFUL. Where do I start? Okay, so Borough Market is, as Trent so eloquently described, heaven on earth.
le noms

le healthy noms

Wild rabbit? F'real?

THIS WAS MY FOOD. Delicious.
Borough Market samples are like Costco samples on steroids. I probably didn't even need to buy anything (even though I did) because I had so many tastes of everything! Chicken liver (vomit), salami (yuck), turkish delight (Narnia, anyone?), sea salted caramel, beet hummus, a myriad of different jams and marmalades, mango, strawberries, grilled cheese, brownies, cakes, pastries... I could go on forever.

I also go on forever about this day. Too bad I'm exhausted. Sorry I'm not doing a very good job at updating you on London life. I'm pleasantly busy :)


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