Thursday, March 1, 2012

I will not be registering to attend, sorry.

I have been giggling about this for the past 5 minutes. Can you see me attending a research conference? Better yet, what if I presented at said conference:

"I was doing my Calculus 685 homework, when it was taking me more than 2 hours to complete a problem. Therefore, because of my immense frustration and my need to move on to other, more important studies, I swiftly deduced a new formula that will enable others to solve all such equations in 5 minutes. Hold your applause and just give me the check -- I have to get back to my research." (Please note that I would pronounce research 're-search,' like the Brits.)

HA. No, as Natalie pointed out, it'd be more like this:

"I was trying to do my Physical Science homework when I got bored and started watching cat videos. Here's 100 hours of Nyan Cat -- enjoy!"

Yeah, that's definitely more likely. Have I mentioned today how lucky I am? Life is good. Frustrating at times, confusing yes... But good nonetheless.

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