Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today...was like every other day

...Except that I ate 5 times more cookies than I eat every other day. Why the sudden influx of tasty treatz? I have no idea what brought it on, but I am oh so happy. My tummy is not oh so happy. But me? Oh yes.

But seriously, so many people brought over yummies for us! And then our home teachers brought Jennie, Allison, and me roses; covered our living room floor with rose petals; gave us giant Hershey's kisses; invited us over to frost Valentine's Day cookies. Naturally, all the flora in our apartment triggered this photoshoot (photo cred to Spencer -- what a trooper):

The last picture is especially pretty because you get to see my face up close Jennie has mad editing skillz. As for me? I have no skills. I also do not have Photoshop, which is probably the biggest setback, but even if I did, there's is no way my photography would even compare to Jennie Rae's. Oh how I love her.

On the subject of love: Much to my chagrin, I enjoyed Valentine's Day. I did! I didn't even think about how singularly single I am. I know I've mentioned before that I extremely dislike the holiday for the same reasons that all other single people dislike the holiday, but I cannot deny that today was a good day. I felt so much love from other people that the fact that nobody loves me romantically was irrelevant.  I love people. I am loved by so many!

Also, many beautiful souls wished my mom happy birthday today, and that absolutely made her day! Thank you everyone! She so often has to work on her birthday, which makes me sad. Nobody likes to work on her special anniversary of being born! But she does it anyway and never complains. Gosh, I love that woman.

I said it earlier today. I am going to California tomorrow. I'm comin' home, comin' home.

Life is happy.

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  1. Blogger to blogger. This is good. So good. You've gotcherself a new follower.