Friday, December 16, 2011

"I feel like I... learned something..."

Yesterday, I did everything in my power to avoid studying for finals.
Don't believe me? I...
- did 2 loads of laundry
- started packing for home
- organized my wardrobe into multiple groups:
1. Things I'm giving to Tierney
2. Things I'm giving to D.I.
3. Things I want but don't need because Utah is freezing
4. Things I need but don't want because Utah is freezing
5. Things to fold and put back in my drawers
- went to an Anberlin concert with Jennie!
- cut up an old t-shirt and made a headband
- cleaned the kitchen
- bought and listened to Mat Kearney's album, Young Love
- organized my jewelry, getting rid of everything I don't love
- ate. A lot.

The list goes on. One might wonder how I got to such a deep level of not caring. I have pinpointed four main reasons for the demise of my motivation.
I realized that even if I failed my Humanities final, I would still end up with an A in the class.
I realized that even if I failed my History final, I would still end up with a C in the class.
I realized that the amount I studied for my previous History tests was inversely proportional to how well I did on the test.
I am so over this semester. You don't even know. (This reason is kind of a cop out. Sorry about that.)

But none of this even matters any more because I AM DONNNNNEEEE!
And despite the amount of attention I did not pay in History, despite the many times I ditched Humanities, I do feel like I learned something.
Now if only I could figure out what that is exactly...

I'll be home tomorrow!
I can't wait to see these beautiful people:

Lovelovelovelovelove them.

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  1. Hahaha, i do the most chores when i have homework or studying to do! True story.

    Where did you get that picture of me? I don't even remember it being taken…