Friday, July 13, 2012

Teux deux

What do I do at 1 in the morning? Sleep? Preposterous. I have much better things to do. Like waste time on the internet. Okay, so the last couple nights, I've gone to bed extremely late because all I've been doing is facebooking and pinning. And this would be somewhat acceptable if I actually accomplished things during the day, but since I don't have a job yet, my daily routine consists of mostly the same things as my nightly one. Except I'm usually dressed.

Anyway. I was just mulling this over, sad that my life had gotten to this point, when I thought, It is so pathetic how much time I waste. But wait -- It doesn't have to be like this at all. In fact, I can change right now! So instead of going to sleep like any normal person would have done, I brain-vomited onto my notepad and composed the following list:

In case the picture's too little, (also there's a second page,) this is what it says:

- go on a walk
- walk to Smith's to buy almond milk, tea, and make-up
- go on a run
- go to a park
- write in your journal
- sit in nature and listen to Icelandic music
- talk to Heavenly Father about your life
- talk to Mama about your life
- text Claire funny song lyrics
- practice winking
- make a healthy recipe from your Pinterest board
- do a Personal Progress goal
- read your scriptures
- go to the gym
- do 10 push-ups. Right now.
- make a pie
- go to the Provo library
- clean your room
- write Matt!
- write Caitlin!
- get a book from the library about birds
- go bird watching
- climb trees
- go to Barnes & Noble and leave secrets in the Postsecret books
- watch a movie from your list
- take a nap
- go apple picking
- listen to one song on your iTunes that has zero plays
- write notes and leave them on the doors of your friends' houses
- learn a sentence in French. Say it to everyone you encounter.
- find a good grassy hill. Roll down it.
- do cartwheels
- find rocks for your jar
- go swimming in your clothes since you're swimsuit-less
- two words: homemade pizza
- watch that Mary Kate and Ashley sleepover party video while making pizza
- make cards for people. With drawings.
- go stargazing
- watch the sunset
- jump into the lake
- go the farmer's market
- take pictures of everything. Artsy pictures.
- go to Diego's
- and this:

It's sad that I literally have to write down things to do that aren't facebook, but c'est la vie. I am at least consoled by the fact that it took me less than 10 minutes to write all of these out. What I'm most excited about is my new project to decorate my wall. I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but it's going to be so happy.

You bet I'm going to do everything on that list. Just watch.

Also I made some pies a while back. They were scrumptious.

The second one is my favorite ever so far -- just a classic apple pie, but it was tart (read: delicious) because I used Granny Smiths and lemon juice. I got the recipe from this girl whose blog I LOVE because not only does she make awesome pies, but she's a writer so her posts are intriguing, compelling, and hilarious, unlike so many blogs I've stumbled across in my lifetime, mine included. I don't put much effort into this old thing. Sorry 'bout it.

Now, who would like to grab some blankets, head to the nearest park, and count beautiful things with me?



  2. ps diegos is divine, i'll also go there with ya

  3. I like your list! Hahaha, I recently thought about doing the exact same thing… and then I kept clicking on the internets. >_<

    And you HAVE listened to that Neutral Milk Hotel song, haven't you? It's beautiful and I love it.

  4. Oh, and is that first pie peach and raspberry? It looks AMAAAZIIIING

  5. I love this so much. and I laughed so hard at your title because I read it trying to figure it out and realized I was saying to do in a slight french accent. heehee.

  6. P I Z Z A...GIMME PIZZA!! omg can we please have a sleepover movie night and watch that?!